Tyler O'Brien, is the chair of the Monroe Gatekeepers Young Adult Ministry.  He also facilitates Theology on Tap in the Monroe Vicariate.  Tyler loves to share his passion and his faith with those around him and always has a smile and a laugh to share.  He is a science teacher and is presently working toward a Master of Arts in Theology.  In his off time, Tyler enjoys kayaking, fishing and being outdoors.  He is a parishioner at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Erie, Michigan.

"Always forward, never back!" ~Saint Junipero Serra
Meet our core team!
Our core team is composed of young adults and our chaplain.   Conscious that “if the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor,” the core team’s first priority is developing and maintaining authentic communion with Christ and each other. In this spirit, our members seek to pray for each other and help carry each other’s burdens - in all things, “striving to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3).

Our core team is here for you!  We are here if you need prayers, someone to talk to, a friend to lean on in a rough patch or someone to share in the joys of life!  Let us journey with you today!
James Bowser, is one of our core team and he is also involved with the Monroe Swing group which meets for swing dance in Monroe, Michigan.  Enjoying swing dancing and wanting to share his passion with others, he also began the Swing Dance Club at the University of Toledo. 

Always one to share in the joys of life, James can always be found with a smile at Gatekeepers!

Michael Precht, is one of our core team leaders.   He is a licensed funeral director and embalmer at Urbanski Bedford Funeral Chapel in Temperance, Michigan.  Outside of work Michael enjoys spending time with family and friends and a good bonfire.  One of his passions is to travel and he has travelled throughout the the United States, Canada and Mexico and several countries in Europe, with his favorite being Poland.  In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, playing cards, cornhole and traveling.   Michael was a parishioner at the former St. Hedwig Catholic Church in Toledo, Ohio and is now a parishioner at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Erie, Michigan where he is involved with religious education and altar serving.  Always one to be outgoing and welcoming, Michael can be seen at Gatekeeper events laughing and talking with everyone in attendance.

"The future starts today, not tomorrow!" ~Saint John Paul II
Joe Bowser
Fr. Michael Woroniewicz, is the chaplain for the Monroe Vicariate Gatekeepers Young Adult Ministry.   He is also the Vicar of the Monroe Vicariate.